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Today, cars are daily necessities like foods, cloths and houses. However car servicing is not yet convenient enough and is expensive. They say that the ideal service interval is 6 months or 10,000 km whichever comes first. This is very true. But in the real life, even the minor service is not cheap, we are all busy and your car is always in need. It's not always easy to drop-off and pick-up your car at the workshop. Blue Buggy can make your life easier and your wallet happier


What we offer you

1) Quality comprehensive service at your site for the great price.

2) Logbook service

3) Weekend service for busy hard working people.

4) Only oil & filter change is also welcome so that you can save money for unnecessary inspections and check-ups.

5) Consumable parts replacement such as brake pads, disks, fuel and air filter, CV boots, alternator, timing belts, drive belts,wheel cylinders, spark plugs, etc.

6) Heavy duty repair such as clutch, transmission and engine replacement. Suspension unit repair, etc for reasonable prices.